CA TEST SERIES (Per subject Rs 500* only)

—We (PREMIER ACADEMY), apart from imparting oral coaching it also launches a new self examination programme for students to have adequate written practice to face the CA Examinations, As the students often faced a problem of insufficient practice to take up CA exams. To overcome this difficulty, we have introduced a “CA TEST SERIES” wherein students have the option to take tests either at Premier Academy or from home.

Featuring :

1) A set of 5 tests will be arranged for students. The syllabus will be covered in the first four tests in a phased manner. The final test (5th test) will be a full fledged test covering the whole syllabus.

2) Personal counselling session (On one to one basis) will be arranged with the students to know their performance.

3) Suggested answers will be provided for all the tests.

4) Students are advised to collect the valued answer papers from the faculty & get their valuable suggestions.

5) Answer sheets will be evaluated by faculties – Chartered Accountants/Authors/ICAI Paper evaluators.

6) Students opting for home test, question paper will be sent by email on mail request to our email &they have to send back the answer sheets to the academy for valuation.

Rs 600* in the case postal test series 


Test Portion


Subject Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4
Accounting Company accounts

Average due date, account current, self balancing ledgers Accounts for non-profit organizations Accounts from incomplete records


Accounting for special transactions Hire purchase and installment sale transactions Investment accounts Insurance claim for loss of stock and loss of profit



Partnership accounting
Accounting standards
Accounting in
computerized environment
Business Laws, Ethics and Communication

The Indian Contract Act,1872 The Employees' Provident Fund and Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952
Company Law Unit 1: Preliminary
Ethics: Chap 1 Principles of Business Ethics
Commn:Chap 3 Group Dynamics
Commn:Chap 5 Communicating Corporate Culture, Change and Innovative Spirit

The Negotiable Instruments Act, 1881 The Payment of Bonus Act, 1965 The Payment of Gratuity Act, 1972 Company Law Unit 2: Prospectus
Ethics:Chap 5 Ethics is Accounting and Finance
Commn:Chap 4 Communication Ethics
Company law Unit 3: Shares and Share Capital
Ethics:Chap 6 Ethics in Marketing and Finance
Ethics:Chap 4 Environment and Ethics
Commn: Chap 1 Essentials of Communication
Commn:Chap 6 Communication in Business Environment
Company Law Unit 4: Meeting
Ethics:Chap 2 Corporate Governance and CSR
Ethics:Chap 3 Workplace Ethics
Commn:Chap 2 Interpersonal Commn’ Commn:Chap 7 Legal Deeds and Documents
Cost Accounting& Financial Management
Basic concepts : Cost Sheet,
Process costing,
Operating costing,
Joint & By product costing
Job, Batch and Contract costing,
Integrated & Non Integrated Accounts,
Marginal Costing,
Budgetary Control,
Standard Costing
Working Capital Management,
Leverage Analysis,
Cost of Capital and Capital Structure Theories
Capital Budgeting,
Ratio Analysis,
Cash Flow & Fund Flow Statement, Sources of Finance
Taxation Important definitions in the Income-tax Act, 1961.
Basis of charge;
Concepts of previous year and assessment year
Residential status and scope of total income.
Income deemed to be received / deemed to accrue or arise in India
Income from house property .
Deductions from gross total income.
Provisions for filing of return of income.
Rebates and reliefs
Profits and gains from business or profession.
Capital gains.
Income from other sources
Incomes which do not form part of total income.
Income of other persons included in assessee’s total income.
Aggregation of income; set-off or carry forward and set-off of losses.
Computation of total income and tax payable.
Provisions concerning advance tax and tax deducted at source.
Service tax & VAT

CST, Excise, Cutoms &


Advanced Accounting Advanced issues in partnership accounts.
Accounting involved in liquidation of companies.
Accounting for employee stock option plan.
Buy back of securities.
Equity shares with differential rights.
Underwriting of shares and debentures.
Redemption of debentures.
Advanced problems for business acquisition, amalgamation and reconstruction.
Accounting Standards
Financial Statements of :
Insurance companies,
Departmental and
Branch accounts
Auditing and Assurance Nature of Auditing.
Basic Concepts.
Standards on Auditing.
Internal Control.
Preparation for an audit
Company Audit -I.
Verification of Assets and Liabilities.
Special Audits.
Company Audit - II.
Information Technology and Strategic Management

Business Process Management and IT
Business Information system
Business Process Automation through Application software

Information system and IT Fundamentals
Telecommu nicat-ion and networks
Strategic Implementation and Control

Business Environment,
Strategic Analysis,
Strategic Planning,
Business Policy and Strategic Management.
Formulation of Functional Strategy.
Reaching Strategic Edge.
Note: Test 5 covers the entire Syllabus

Subject Test 1 Test 2 Test 3 Test 4
Financial Reporting Consolidated Financial Statements.
Treatment of investments in associates in CFS.
Treatment of associates in joint ventures in CFS.
Accounting for corporate restructuring

Accounting and Reporting

 of Financial Instruments

Share based payments.
Financial Reporting by
Mutual funds,
Non-banking finance companies,
Merchant Bankers,
Stock and commodity market
Developments in Financial Reporting

Accounting Standards
Strategic Financial Management Project Planning and
Capital Budgeting
Leasing decision


Capital Market Instruments
Portfolio Theory and Asset Pricing

Foreign Exchange Exposure and Risk Management
Financial Services in India
Money Market operations

Security Analysis

Mutual Funds
Mergers, Acquisitions and Restructuring

Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics Standards on Auditing (SA 200 to 500), Audit strategy, Risk Assessment, CIS, Spl. Audit Technique Standards on Auditing (balance), Company audit, Liabilities of auditors, Audit report, Audit committee

Professional Ethics,
Audit of Banks,Audit of General Insurance, Companies,Audit of Co-operative societies,Audit of NBFCs

Audit under Fiscal Laws, Peer review, Due diligence, Management Audit, CFS, PSU, Internal audit,Cost audit
Corporate and Allied Laws

Directors  Meetings & powers of the Board, Banking,  IRDA, Insurance Dividend,SARFAESI


Books of accounts, Inspection, PMLA FEMA, Foreign Companies, Compromises & Arrangements
Competition act

Miscellaneous provisions of the Companies Act,2013.Oppression, Drafting Resolution , SEBI , Audit & Auditors

Producer company, Winding up, Interpretation Managerial, Personnel Penalties, SCRA. insolvency and bankruptcy code-2016.


Advanced Management Accounting Marginal Costing,
CVP Analysis,
Decision Making,
Relevant Costing,
Transfer Pricing
Standard Costing,
Activity Based Costing, Budgetary Control
Service sectors Costing, Pricing Decisions, Miscellaneous Topics:
    a. TQM
    b. JIT
    c. Target Costing
    d. Others
Operations Research
Information Systems and Control Audit Auditing of Information Systems

Information Technology Regulatory Issues


Acquisition Development and maintenance of Information system
Emerging Technologies


Concept of Governance and Management of Information systems

Protection of Information systems



Information system concepts, BCP and DRP

Direct Tax Laws Preliminary
Basis of charge
House Property
Profits & Gains
Appeals & revisions
Tax planning
Settlement of cases
Search & Seizure
Assessment of companies
Capital Gains
Other sources
Income of other
persons included
in assessment TI
Aggregation of
income & set off
Rebates & Reliefs
Income which do
not form part of
Total Income
Assessment Procedure
Assessment of
Assessment of Firms
Assessment of LLP
Double taxation relief
Collection & Recovery of taxes

Assessment of AOP
Assessment of HUF
Income tax Authorities Special Provisions relating to avoidance of tax

Assessment of Non Residents

Liability in special cases

Tax planning

Offences & prosecutions

Indirect Tax Laws Central Excise

Central Excise
Basic Concepts
Classification of Excisable goods,
Valuation of Excisable goods, Cenvat Credit, Remission of duty and destruction of goods, Warehousing,Exemption based on clearances, General Procedures under Central Excise



Service tax

ntroduction,Negative list, Declared Services, Exemptions & Abatement, Registration, Payment & Return Filing Procedures

Service Tax Point of Taxation


Common Topics

Demand, Adjudication & Offences.Refunds & Appeals, Advance Policy & Settlement Commission

Customs & Foreign Trade Policy, GST

Test 5 covers the entire syllabus

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"Any word in the dictionary is not sufficient to express my gratitude to Premier Academy, even then,“Thanks”. As far as CA Exams are concerned the number of problems practiced are immaterial, the depth of conceptual knowledge alone counts. Faculty and the classroom aura helped a lot in clarification and understanding. The friendly rapport that is generated between the teacher and students helps in breaking hurdle of communication. It is hard to explain but one who has been here could have surely felt it and I will make my juniors too realize this by recommending only PA."

- Bharath Kumar, Chennai

"Premier Academy is one of the best coaching centres for CA. It has been instrumental in enlightening
me and shaping me as well. It is clearly the destination for those who wish to succeed."

- Mohamed Idris, Salem

"It was a completely enriching experience. We all learnt so much about the nuances of each subject with clarity. Classroom discussions and tests helped all of us to hone our skills on answering correctly. A big bow to all teachers at (my) Premier Academy."

-Monish, Hyderabad

"It was very delightful moment. Most amazing moments of my life. Got many friends who proved even more friendlier till now. Teachers were not only teachers but a friend that you could look for in difficult times."

-Faisal, Cochin

"It’s a place of not only knowledge and professionalism but an embodiment of love and care ! surely i would owe all my success to Premier Academy and will suggest all my juniors."

- Ramya, Ernakulam

"The structured learning pattern and the scientific coaching provided here were mind blowing and hence made the path easy to travel and indeed we faced the examinations with utmost confidance!!! There are other academies who teaches subject, but @ PA we enjoyed & Understood not only subjects but also how to face CA Exams successfully."

- John Britto, Trichy

"Thanx to Premier Academy 4 the Confidence they have given. I have been to various academy but felt PA is the only place where, we have been Coached (Teaching + Focus to exam) ...........which made us succeed !!"

-Balasundaram, Madurai

"Thanx to all faculties without their support i couldn have become a CA"

-Farzana, Bangalore

"Thanks a ton to Premier Academy for making us focussed towards exam. Their wonderful coaching and support did help us a lot..:))"

-Sankar, Palakad

"Cant xpress my gratitude for Premier Academy in words...i really feel great to have been a part of it......Thanks a lot PA!!"

-Saranya Hariharan, Chennai

"I am not sure of what I am capable of when I entered Premier Academy. Here I was made understood the subject and was made realize my potential. Team PA is not team of teachers, they are Team of GURU’s. Teacher teaches subject and goes off. But GURU make you realize who you are. Thanks to all GURU’s at PA. Now I Believe, I can. Proud to say product of PA & CA"

-Vara Prasad, Vizag

Premier Academy is the best academy...

Shahul Ahmeed, Chennai..

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